Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jessica alba's new movie " The love Guru" vidoes with jessica alba in saree pictures


Jessica alba has just given birth to a son with her boy friend Cash Warren with whom she has been together since last 2 years. Jessica has not only lost all the flab she had gained during pregnancy but also has been back to her regular slim figure in a span of few weeks only just like Jennifer Lopez pregnancy regime did during her pregnancy.Jessica alba is now to do a movie with Justin Timberlake called "The Love Guru ". The shoots for the movie has started and is set be a one with lots of colors and made in bolloywood style of movies with dance and song sequences in the movie with romance and running around the trees too. Jessica alba was captured doing one such cameo in her perfect natural figure which no signs of being a mother of a child.


The film, The love Guru is said to be a comedy co-written by Mike Myers, Pitka (played by Myers) is an American raised at an social house(ashram) in India. He later turns into a self-helping guide and spiritual guru, world famous over for his specialty in settling relationship issues between couples. Couples from all the world come to him when their relationship hits the rock for a resolve to this "love guru".

The official Movie trailer:

Jane Bullard played by jessica alba is the owner of a professional ice hockey team,she goes to take Pitka's help the love guru when one of her most valuable player strats having trouble in his personal life and frequent fights with his wife,as she strats dating a player from the rival team. Though being a out and out business woman in the movie it is unkown why she does a dance in country type indian setup with saree all over her.
Gurpreet Pia Fleming is the desinger for the clothes of jessica alba and the sarees and other traditional indian clothes used in the movie, an FIT New York graduate and a NIFT, New Delhi graduate Gurpreet has he own fashion label too called Bian launched in 2004.

The full movie review: