Thursday, July 31, 2008

AMY Winehouse Crack on drugs | drug useage by celebrities


Amy winehouse maybe a big star as per her singing talents but off late the only reasons she ahs been in news is that she is doing drugs of all kind like a Dead woman walking, Maybe this is way to market herself but ofcourse she is setting the worst exmaplle for many young teenagers and giving them the wrong concepts of drugs and pushing them towards severe drug usage and their own body abuse.

Amy has her self confessed about snorting powdered ECSTASY and COCAINE. She also admitted she had just popped six VALIUM pills to “bring myself down” before any live music concert. Amy disregards the warning and hungrily snorts drug use whenever she can.

The star, her new bottle-blonde hair looking dull and lifeless, She appears oblivious to booze and drugged-up hangers-on milling around and playing on her pool table. Though she says she is doing great but the pictures below of amy before and after taking drugs say total different things. These pictures are taken in a space of just 18 months.


AFTER DRUGS and 18 months later

Though begs to defer and says that drugs had made her great with success in music as it takes her mind to whole next leevl, gives her proper love life with her boyfriends and apparently the reson behind the recent gain in her weight too. Thhough Amy doesnt know that about 39 % of American take POT /Marijuna and is the prime reason for most of the drugs realted health and other trouble in the world right now,Pot is much more taken by teenagers and is the most popular teenage drug use in school and college. The statements made by such idols and singer to young brains are a great influence and are a big reason why so many teenagers take drugs.