Thursday, July 31, 2008

AMY Winehouse Crack on drugs | drug useage by celebrities


Amy winehouse maybe a big star as per her singing talents but off late the only reasons she ahs been in news is that she is doing drugs of all kind like a Dead woman walking, Maybe this is way to market herself but ofcourse she is setting the worst exmaplle for many young teenagers and giving them the wrong concepts of drugs and pushing them towards severe drug usage and their own body abuse.

Amy has her self confessed about snorting powdered ECSTASY and COCAINE. She also admitted she had just popped six VALIUM pills to “bring myself down” before any live music concert. Amy disregards the warning and hungrily snorts drug use whenever she can.

The star, her new bottle-blonde hair looking dull and lifeless, She appears oblivious to booze and drugged-up hangers-on milling around and playing on her pool table. Though she says she is doing great but the pictures below of amy before and after taking drugs say total different things. These pictures are taken in a space of just 18 months.


AFTER DRUGS and 18 months later

Though begs to defer and says that drugs had made her great with success in music as it takes her mind to whole next leevl, gives her proper love life with her boyfriends and apparently the reson behind the recent gain in her weight too. Thhough Amy doesnt know that about 39 % of American take POT /Marijuna and is the prime reason for most of the drugs realted health and other trouble in the world right now,Pot is much more taken by teenagers and is the most popular teenage drug use in school and college. The statements made by such idols and singer to young brains are a great influence and are a big reason why so many teenagers take drugs.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ali Lohan truns Sexy with tits| lindsay lohan sister| hq pics

TODAY'S LATEST PEEKS INTO CELEBRITIES: Ali lohan turns Sexy at 15| follows Lindsay lohan's foot steps:

Ali Lohan may be only 15 but her family hormonal trouble and ever trouble sister are enough inspiration for her too set out on attention stunt so that later she can sing and sells records and makes your millions money before you turn 18 and finally cut a deal with playboy as a playmate as lindsay lohan did for her topless shoot..

It’s always exciting when a teenage girl kids of graduate high school showing off to grab attention more if every one in family a big influence and with miley cyrus stripping every day on myspace Ali lohan cant be too far behind , Thanks to the wonder push bra she has amanged to pull off quite a valley for 15 year old girl. She has been said to be begging for a hot tub to be installed in their backyard to her mom, maybe she is so excited with her new tits that she wants to throw hot tub parties like her sister get stoned and indluge in binge and show off her tight hot young body.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nicolette Sheridan LA Studio City


Nicolette Sheridan I dont know who she is but when I looked for her in Wikipedia afound a whole lot of crap , the stuffs are usual she a star bad family upbringing, did a few movies , teen sex comedy. tried hand at singing but ended up only showing off in videos in sleazy clothes and now only features once in a while on B grade Tv reality shows, the ones worse than Big Brother. This Golden Globe-nominated Brit American actress is only remembered for her movie best known for Knots Landing and as the slutty Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives.

Here is has been cuaght outside a hot joint in LAX, doing god knows what but licking Ice cream to gran our attention and that of paparaazi, I got some HQ scans If feel like looking how Ugly she is :

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Friday, July 25, 2008

13 hot babes of Reality TV| Khatron Ka Khiladi pictures


The reality tv shows are getting more exposive and a new way to lure and shows sleazyness on TV , foul langugaes and bikini, upskirts are a common ternds in such shows, all goes without cesnorship. It strated with Roadies, then Big brother really hyped it up with bringing adult flim stars who did anything but skin show, later get goreous and teen diva hunt also were focused on showing reality skin show to every one.

The latest is MTV splitsvilla which is anything but total fame game in price of your body and lust, there girls have to lure boys with whatever they can so that they vote for them, kissing and other phyiscal intimacy is showed on this show and vulgar songs, steps and language is aired and dont know wat else go beyond this screen, these girls are anything but desperate for fame and are ready ti do anything for fame and I am sure those eho wont get fame from this shall use cast couching to get it as they are alreday doing it now .

For a change but a better adventure sports reality tv show with 13 hot starlets has strated , woith very know and dignified faces who are here not for publicity or mere bikni shows but adventure sports. The game would be good and aired on TV channel Colors, also no stupidity like those on Splitsvilla, get goreous can be found as cheap politics and desperation is not present.

These are the 13 hotties who shall be the part of Khatron Ka Khiladi on Colors

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mission istanbul Premiere pics: Shriya Saran high cleavage show|HQ pics


The movie Mission Istanbul has a very good plot based on reporters in Afghanistan, Zayed Khan a daring reporter would go anywhere for a scoop, risk his life to get an exclusive story and has now become a familiar face watched by six million viewer's weeknights on TV 24 all over India and world too. Ambitious, popular and professional, Vikas is considered one of best and hence sent to Istanbul to get the exclusive footage where he meets many other reporters and faces the hardships together.

The cast is as follows:
Zayed Khan - Vikas Sagar
Vivek Oberoi - Rizwan Khan
Shabbir Ahluwalia - Khalil
Shreya Saran - Anjali
Sunil Shetty - Owais Hussain

Due releasw on 25th july 2008, last Sunday the movie had call for Premiere and the south Indain super star shriya saran was found too, but to shock is very revealing and ample cleavage showing outfits and shunted every one around, weather it is a image make for Shirya saran into a sexy avatar or just a gimmick she had to be apart of for the movie. Whatever it maybe everyone enjoyed it and seems like there is more to come from her now.
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