Friday, July 25, 2008

13 hot babes of Reality TV| Khatron Ka Khiladi pictures


The reality tv shows are getting more exposive and a new way to lure and shows sleazyness on TV , foul langugaes and bikini, upskirts are a common ternds in such shows, all goes without cesnorship. It strated with Roadies, then Big brother really hyped it up with bringing adult flim stars who did anything but skin show, later get goreous and teen diva hunt also were focused on showing reality skin show to every one.

The latest is MTV splitsvilla which is anything but total fame game in price of your body and lust, there girls have to lure boys with whatever they can so that they vote for them, kissing and other phyiscal intimacy is showed on this show and vulgar songs, steps and language is aired and dont know wat else go beyond this screen, these girls are anything but desperate for fame and are ready ti do anything for fame and I am sure those eho wont get fame from this shall use cast couching to get it as they are alreday doing it now .

For a change but a better adventure sports reality tv show with 13 hot starlets has strated , woith very know and dignified faces who are here not for publicity or mere bikni shows but adventure sports. The game would be good and aired on TV channel Colors, also no stupidity like those on Splitsvilla, get goreous can be found as cheap politics and desperation is not present.

These are the 13 hotties who shall be the part of Khatron Ka Khiladi on Colors