Thursday, July 3, 2008

MID Day Anniversary bash celebrities on red crapet:

Mid Day a leading a news paper and online new portal which provides latest news and business and finance updates everyday at noon so as to help the business men get the latest information at their head all in one place at a cheap price as well as without having to spend the whole on a tv looking for the stock markets trends etc.

It has been very popular and by means of circulation Mid day has surpassed many leading national newspapers in a span of just one year. The main reasons for it i guess are that they information provided is highly useful and is very popular in business and offices are it's chief patrons and users, cheap and competitive pricing, the fact no other news paper have a noon edition gives mid day a open field to work with a great untapped market ready to be exploited. The charts have showed a lot of profits to celebrate it's one year completion MID DAY threw a big bash and everyone from politics to fashion industry was a part of , top celebrities, businessmen and socialites were caught at the bash.

Here we shall be giving the pictures of Shriya Saran, a south Indian actress who will be featuring in the yet to be released movie Mission Istanbul, shriya saran has alos done a movie with emraan hashami called awaarapan.


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