Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mission istanbul Premiere pics: Shriya Saran high cleavage show|HQ pics


The movie Mission Istanbul has a very good plot based on reporters in Afghanistan, Zayed Khan a daring reporter would go anywhere for a scoop, risk his life to get an exclusive story and has now become a familiar face watched by six million viewer's weeknights on TV 24 all over India and world too. Ambitious, popular and professional, Vikas is considered one of best and hence sent to Istanbul to get the exclusive footage where he meets many other reporters and faces the hardships together.

The cast is as follows:
Zayed Khan - Vikas Sagar
Vivek Oberoi - Rizwan Khan
Shabbir Ahluwalia - Khalil
Shreya Saran - Anjali
Sunil Shetty - Owais Hussain

Due releasw on 25th july 2008, last Sunday the movie had call for Premiere and the south Indain super star shriya saran was found too, but to shock is very revealing and ample cleavage showing outfits and shunted every one around, weather it is a image make for Shirya saran into a sexy avatar or just a gimmick she had to be apart of for the movie. Whatever it maybe everyone enjoyed it and seems like there is more to come from her now.
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