Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ugliest Fan of Jessica Simpson

Not most in this world are good loooking or handsome but this Janitor of Illinoi Institute of Technology has got himself one of the most precedented awards for neing the ugliest and biggest Fan of Jessica Simpson, he was given this award by the official Fan club of Jessica Simpson which mailed this janitor a to attend the felicitation party for winning the UGLIEST FAN OF JESSICA SIMPSON.

We caught this great fan in his attire giving a pose just as Jessica does in the poster in the background.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Abigail Abbey Clancy Uk Wag Red carpet See Through sexy pics HQscans

The 22 year old Wag Abbey clancy has been the most successful Lingere model in UK and has recently launched her own brand of Lingere collection, she was caught flaunting this See thru short dress with animal print undies on primere of Dark Knight

Abigail Abbey Clancy
is Married to Former Liverpool Striker and english football team member Peter Crouch, the 6ft 5inch star though looks aneroxic but he has somehow managed to get herself a girlfriend and now a wife who has been on the cover of 5 magazine till now namely MAXIM, FHM, ELLE, Harper Bazaar and Nuts. This hottie is from UK too and has joined the brigade to WAGS and taken it lead of it ahead of like of Alex Curran and Cheryl Tweedy. Aparantely Abbey dumped a very big Million dollar modelling job/carrier in Los Angeles.

Check the HQ scans pics.

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Jessica Alba Best Bikini On Beach Ever HQ pics

Jessica Alba is my favorite along with Scarlett Johanson, though she just gave birth to a baby boy with her Boyfriend for 3 years, she back to her normal Killer figure within a month just as Jennifer Lopez did after giving birth to her twins in January this year.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Brother Star Emma Greenwood Upskirts

Big Brother Should be given the Award of the raunchiest Reality Tv show, the swedish version had a girl strip Topless in front of guys to plead them NOT TO VOTE HER OUT !!!!!!!!!!. The Stars selection Big Brother is always such that any Celebrity is a part of BIG BROTHER, something Shocking can always be excepted of them as for now checck the Sexy Emma Greenwood who is known face in Pubs and Page 3 parties and Socialites Circuit of UK, had been a part of BIG Brother too now as excepted she has showed turn out to the 5th most popular among all the inmates of Big Brother, here are the of the Big brother star emma greenwood Upskirts pics.


Emma Greenwood UpskirtEmma Greenwood Upskirt PicturesEmma Greenwood Upskirt PicturesEmma Greenwood Upskirt PhotosEmma Greenwood Upskirt Photos

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Hayden Panettiere The Midget Sexy Thighs Collection

Ever since the New Season of Heros has been back on track to be aired September Hayden Panettiere has been once again back to ususal miss very important attitude, though this midget has earlier even announced that she is about to get married to god know why a 30 year old guy , who is atleast 12 years older to her ( but looks like his father), Hayden plays the role of claire and is sporting Burnette hair in the new season of Heroes with a lot of action sequences, one in which she is found shooting herself too. To get more attention to her dying Singing (??) and acting carrier ?( she did a movie called ICE princess) she is into massive thuunder thighs which are as thick as trunks, alas his Dad is too busy spending the money hayden is earning in Las Vegas.

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Miss Arab beauty Contest Pics Leaked

TODAY'S LATEST PEEKS INTO CELEBRITIES I was surprised to find these pics as was not even sure before this that a country as conservative would have beauty contest, well at least I am happy that situation is better than I thought. Looking at the pics i was amazed by the beauty of these Good looking Arab beauties and the dresses they wore not even close to Burqa, very surprising, a Delight:

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sonal Chauhan Topless pic No forming

Sonal Chauhan Who has been a beauty paegent winner and been crowned as miss toursim for 2005 and has just done a movie with mukesh bhatt has broke all shakles of been bold and beautiful by posing for a topless sexy photoshoot with just one movie in her kitty, interesting fact is that she refused to kiss or wear a Bikni is the movie but now posing for topless pic, Talk about Hipocripsy , Thanks Sonal anyways Better Late than never.

Check the Classi Goan ki gori photoshoot of sonal Chauhan here

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fashion of Denim jeans is Back with variety ,but cheaper

I am a great Fan and very addict to denims and jeans and ever since joining high school Jeans is practically what I have wore every other days except for the sweat pants i wear during my dance lessons and football lessons, The comfort and low maintainence reason for me being so hooked up to jeans. Though I first attracted to jeans by many of my favorite stars like Avril and Jennifer Love hewitt doing the Levis Ad did the trick for, and as i excepted the fir of these legacy brands where just grea brands like Diesel, Levis, Lee, Flying Machine are some of the few I have wearing since eternity.

Now though the matter have chnaged and Hip hop chinos and cargos have taken a whole lot of market share from jeans as their was not much fresh look with jeans, Though as the nemesis the jeans have now been reincarnated as designer wear and the denims are used for making jeans into making great styles like Crush, Narrow fit, Page3, Bootcut, belly, low waist, worn out and then the whole range of wash like acid, green, stone and moneky being the latest fads.

Though The choice can be sometimes be annoying as many local brands produce low quality stuffs and give very poor fitting, proper brands useage or the Jeaneology is very important which basically talks about getting the best valur for the money and the Bootlegger is the plaec just for this, they will give you same fit as the Old fading, stretching scuumbed jeans who have kept for more than 5 years!!!. They are Canada's foremost jeans retailer; with brands like Guess, Brody, Silver Jeans and Buffalo by David Bitton, mitto, MAvo to sport on it's racks, it's Canada's one-stop shop for variety, low prices and denim advice. They have now lanuched their Website where one can get all these brands for as less as $59.95 only along with many value added services like free hemming done and free delivery for bulk purchase.

The Guess jeans have launched their new jeans fashion where men jeans shall have narrower leg silhouettes with straight leg cuts with a looser-fitting seat and waist.This look has been name the narrow Fit look and also another Athlectic look has been conceived where Voila and Lola are empahised a lot. As for women the fad has been to keep along the lines skinny and straight cut denim paired with high-waisted pants, This cut shall make it perfect for female students and casual office-employees, as they are a classic “sitting pant” ideal for the entire season.These laetest Designs are all present at , check the Latest Guess ads below: HOT isn't it

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Manisha Lamba in sexy white shorts for Flimfare cover august 2008 | HQ scans

Manisha Lamba has been the a great dancer and has performed well in whatever roles she gets and does not throw about tantrums like other legacy kid stars at all her performance in Honeymoon travels, Das Khayaniya and the Latest Bachana ye Haseeno has been a remarkable one, she is also a trained dancer and with a great body like that in sexy white shorts she is soon going to the most desirable actress of bollywood.

Click on the pics below to enlarge the HQ scans of Manisha Lamba Sexy photoshoot for the Flimafare Magazine August 2008

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Sonal Chauhan New Classic photshoot in countryside | HQ scans

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Sonal Chauhan Latest Photos

She studied Philosophy honors at Gargi College in New Delhi. Sonal stands 5 feet and 8 inches (173 cm). She is from Agra and belongs to a Rajput family

Sonal was crowned as the Miss World Tourism 2005 and the first Indian to have claimed Miss World Tourism title. She has been a popular Model in delhi and then did many ads campiagn of Ponds and Nokia. She also appeared on the cover page of FHM magazine. Now she has just made her debut in bollywood and did many movies in south India.

Sonal Chauhan recently appeared in Mukesh Bhatt's movie Jannat with Emraan Hashmi. Sonal has also been signed by Mukesh Bhatt for movie Raaz 2.

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Sonal Chauhan Sexy photos
Sonal Chauhan Wallpapers
Sonal Chauhan Sexy images
Sonal Chauhan Hot pics
Sonal Chauhan Wallpapers
Sonal Chauhan
Sonal Chauhan Biography:

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