Friday, August 1, 2008

Kim Sharma ass crack | low back tatoo revealed


Kim sharma a sexy starlet of bollywood who made her debut with a big banner movie Mohhabatein, has always been a sex kitten with no qulams what so ever to exposure right from the first movie she has been exposing and could be seen in micro mini skirts in any movie. She had a Live in realtionship with Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, as her luck fell he as well her carrier in movies have doomed. As for now she does any movie that comes way , she herself claimed so that movies are difficult to come by and she was quoted as

"I would even wear the tinest of bikini to grab to a movie role"

recently at a event she she captured sitting in her loe waist jeans exposing her Ass Crack completed to the good luck of all, but there was more than just a crack , there was even a tatoo, over there. When questioned about the tatoo she acted surprised that people noticed it , and refused to say anything more claiming it was private. She though mention it is the only tatoo she has. take a look your self and check the Ass crack and the bonus Tatoo.

Here is the old gallery of Kim sharma hot exposure pics for you.


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