Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hayden Panettiere The Midget Sexy Thighs Collection

Ever since the New Season of Heros has been back on track to be aired September Hayden Panettiere has been once again back to ususal miss very important attitude, though this midget has earlier even announced that she is about to get married to god know why a 30 year old guy , who is atleast 12 years older to her ( but looks like his father), Hayden plays the role of claire and is sporting Burnette hair in the new season of Heroes with a lot of action sequences, one in which she is found shooting herself too. To get more attention to her dying Singing (??) and acting carrier ?( she did a movie called ICE princess) she is into massive thuunder thighs which are as thick as trunks, alas his Dad is too busy spending the money hayden is earning in Las Vegas.


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