Sunday, August 10, 2008

Celebrity Marriage news, pics and Updates| Eva Longoria Break up, sex aint Great


Celebrity have always having makeup and break up and so do they have marriage and divorces, Our britney spears had an marriage which lasted only 55 hours and one more which lasted a few months. The bizzare behaviour of celebrity is at it's heights during marriage and divorces. I am hereby giving some new updates on Marriage of celebrity.

The first among them all is Eva Longoria who hd heavenly marriage with Tony parker of san antonio , but now their marriage has hit rock thanks to Alexsendria a model from france who had earlier dated Ronaldinho and theiry henry, she claims though Eva looks angel in Bridesmaid Dresses she wears, but is much like a dead frog on bed, sexually not statisfying with Tony. This is the reason for tony affiar with for past 2 months.

SEXY EVA LONGORIA>>> sexually not statisfying with Tony<<<>

The Celebs Teing knots include BEP(Black eyed Peas) star TABOO got engaged with Jaymie Dizon were married on Saturday,Taboo or Jaime Gomez and her Finance fashion publicist Dizon, 29, married two days before the rapper's Taboo 33rd birthday. The marriage took place in St michael's chruch in California, Jaymie dizon wore a cream pearl colored designer Wedding Dresses.

Enchanted tv serial star Amy Adams is engaged to boyfriendfor six years Darren Legallo,who proposed Amy with a Jean Dousset diamond from french designer of Beverly hills,Adams 33 and legallo 34 have been dating for 6 years and first met in acting class in 2001

Sexy starlet Jewel got engaged to Ty Murray this weekend too, the singer married her rodeo champion boy friend in Bahamas, she was reported to wear a traditional bridal dress while the groom wore a jeans, white shirt, Tie and a cow boy hat.

Though marriage are expensive and these stars do not care about as they more money then they can spend but for normal losers like us looking good for even one day on our marriage day seems to out of reach and needs proper budget, not any more a great online Boutique shop for Bridal Dresses has opened which provides beautiful wedding dresses as showed above at very reasonable prices so as to make to look good on the one day which truly belongs to you.