Sunday, August 10, 2008

Young Rich University Students Having Fun


The reality shows have taken the world by strom and they are the most popualr shows right from Big brother, beauty and the geek, Roadies, Splitsvilla and many more all of them give a peek inot the reality skin show. The college students and moslty girls are ready to go bershek over this and most the college and teen parties have turned from naughty to very wild wild west.

The most of the university and geek houses have the tradition of such parties but now even good students have been social and getting into parties, mostly the ones with a lot of money and the one who have turned rich recently by playing poker(really) or by a DOT.COM bubble, mostly such rich lads are called Nouveau Riche which mean " Young Rich" in french. These guys are young like kevin Rose founder of 24 year old and already a billionarie and seocnd most richest person under the age of 30. These students are real gift as they turn Rags to riches story tur and more because they know how to enjoy and live life too throw parties with the best grils and have great time before time runs out.


This is what these guys follow , this cult of Nouveau Riche are the real inspiration and have formed a university for the young minds to innovate and make the most of their idea and make good of their life, they have formed a university for this and has one the most richest people since 1990 as a part of the university or as it's patron, recently the versity magazine was also launched explaning how house hold business can be a profitable venture.

The college and university has been a flagship project for the better of youth and encouraging more and more innovative ideas from one and all, no matter rich or poor.To see the full lost of all the young rich lad of university check the Nouveau Riche page on Wikipedia.

Pics of one such parties of University.