Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anna Kournikova Back with seducing photoshoot Monsoon 2008


Anna kournikova needs no introduction and though she has been off the lime light for quite a time and not even played a game of tennis in last four years, she is still one of the most renowed faces of tennis and women tennis. Anna was the one who brought the glamour and style to tennis and strated the brigade of tennis stars from russia, now 6 in top 10 women tennis players are from Russia. Anna had a been still going steady with her now 5 year long realtionship with the spanish heartthrob Enrique Igelasis.

Anna also has been among the top 10 searched stars on internet and the most searched after tennis stars for year till 2006 , she also has a Computer virus under her name and did a great name for herself in the world of advertisement, endorsements and fashion, glamour with a great modelling carrier which fetched her more money in year then what she had earned in her entire tennis carrier. Anna is now back in the news for new Fashion house in Milan with anna kornikova looks like a angel in these white mini skirts suits and the sports skirts as the monsoon 2008 fall photoshoot shows, and declares the return of Anna.


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