Saturday, May 24, 2008


Avril Lavigne will be one of a number of stars auctioning off personal items on eBay in support of the relief effort following the tsunami of December 26.The "Sk8er Girl" will be putting her very own skateboard up for auction. The auction will begin February 7 along with chances to buy another 39 other items from celebrities' collections.Avril Lavinge is single handedly responsible for all the popularity such shows of Skateboard are now a days getting before it was a another back street culture played and done by people who could afford any thing better. Now it is seen as another extreme sport which requires a lot of balance and self control and practice to perfect.

Skateboarding if you look back when it started evolved from surfing so if you are trying to blame the cause of a great discovery on the hippies with Street Wear you are wrong. Skateboarding evolved from surfing and it started and now today the skateboarding industry is booming. People that are in with the sport already will continue to do the sport forever because it will become part of their every day activities and to most people will be their lifestyle. So if you are a person that wants to get started in skateboarding then you need to go buy a skateboard and try it out.Now the game gets same level of exposure as any other games in X- GAMES convention.

Though as the game is getting popular it is getting professional too and hence to ex el one needs to work hard with skates, which not expensive nor cheap but Inexpensive. An inexpensive skateboard is made of higher-quality materials than a cheap skateboard. It will have a deck that is made of high-quality plastic, wood, or composite materials. It will also feature good quality trucks and wheels and anything between $50-$60. As you improve one might need modifications or a new Skate getting the old one fixed is better as they all set and comfortable with your feet. Skateshop are the place where such modifications can be done with cheap bills. The air flow design given by such shops makes you glides through all the lanes, The design must also allow the hover board to produce enough lift,A wing shape with side gates is always incorporated into the designs.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Celebrities Engagemnet Rings


Today celebrities have been millions and are in the league of that of top notch businessmen and forerunners of the countries economy. The main reason for this is that the paycheck for the stars in movies and music industries are the fattest but the investment is nothing of that sort as most of them are just offering their talents with no investment and hence their whole paycheck acts as their profits. Stars like Tom Cruise earn as much as $100 million from a single movie( he took $110 million for the movie The last samurai).

The more money to spend the stars have new ways to get rid off it and showing off is the bes way as it keeps them popular and in news all the times. Many stars are getting into engagement off late Christina Augilera and Scarlett Johansson. The stars are showing it off with expensive engagement rings on all the time.

Many of them are studded with diamonds on platinum work cases,but Scarlett In her pursuit to be much different has gone for natural pacific ocean dugged pearl earrings worth at $200 thousands and heart shaped form. The Natural pearl jewelry are every expensive and the reason for it is that they are been produced after years of oysters hard work and are carved out form deep sea beds unlike mines as in case of diamonds. Though as for now you can get great designer rings too for your wedding at low prices thanks to which offers great deals at affordable prices, check the online store for more information.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top 5 sexy eyes Celebrities

Here is the list of Top 10 celebrities singers:

1.) Beyonce: She is a woman with many talents, you might even say she has it all. She sings,dances,acts, designs clothes.

2.)Shakira: She has hips that don't lie, which keep our eyes glued to her body while she is dancing. Though she has 32B Bust line she is considered very sexy.

3.)Christina:Her skimpy outfits and racy videos have been able to keep her in the top of the list for women searched on the internet in the start but latter her deep throat singing talents has landed her a third position.

4.)Mariah Carey:At 37 years of age Mariah has returned to prominence with her latest best selling song Touch my body. Thus making Mariah a hot item again, she also lost weight, recovered from shocks twice and undergone laser surgery of late.

5.)Britney Spears: Much to everybody's surprise Britney Spears is still being sough as she makes it top five with no late release at all, But with 26 million Google searches accredited to her name every month, she cannot be ignored

The fact common to all the above stars is that they all worked hard at some point of time and have been Diva ever since, and yes they have good figure and beautiful eyes , so what if they all didn't have it all in the beginning now with the help of lasik treatment

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Freakin Flower Online


Flowers the most special of all gifts as it brings a smile on everyone’s face. Its the most special way of saying “I CARE FOR U”. Flowers heralds the beginning of any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, death and lot more. No occasion is complete without flowers.Flowers tend to create the mood and set the ambiance for any occasion, for love proposals for saying sorry and much more. To decorate your life with the fragrance of flowers. Though getting fresh flowers are always a big problem and browsing through the huge rows one by one at the florist takes way too much time.

In our fast phase society and lives we are so used to instant things and things that can be bought in just one click of our computers. Convenience! This is the word of this decade. Every innovation in services, products is giving more and more focus on convenience for customers. Some of the greatest innovation of today are online flowers shop, you can order flowers at the convenience of your homes, Online florist shop is just one them, they help us by providing a whole catalog of flowers present where we can pick and choose whatever we feel like and get delivery within 24 hours with almost no time being wasted.In their web page you can easily pick flowers designs that can fit different celebrations or purposes like sympathy bouquets, anniversaries and birthdays or even choose the specific flower that you want form roses, callas and tulips, the delivery is done anywhere in USA and Canada.

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Crime Waiver and Pardon Finally arrives in US and Canada


Crime is not hard and fast rule to follow and most of them are done when most of us are under some sort of high state or very much under control of drugs. The way the most of the crime have been done in US is under the influence of Drugs and hence the government and the Congressmen have now finally understood that the proper place for such people is DRUG REHAB centers and not some Jail centers if anything these people are victims themselves in first place and hence need attention themselves. It is not the normal people who are the one most with a problem a recent report by the International Herald Tribune suggests the world of Opera may be a facing a serious drug issues. various singers reveal the enormous pressure on anyone involved in the business and the increasing change of the genre towards a situation comparable to pop music. The motivation for the issue stems from Russian soprano Anna Netrebko cancelling her appearance at the Salzburg Festival for throat reasons – alongside many of her colleagues, such as Diana Damrau, Elina Garanca and Rolando Villazon the main reason again being the influence to drugs.

Thus now Government shall be offering Criminal Pardon to genuine cases on one to one basis. The Independent Organization NPC a Non profit is behind all these scheme of events and shall now have be handing out forms for the various Waiver Services they are offering namely it includes the services like waiver by US government, Canada Government or both of them. A proper waiver form has to be filled up and it has been seen that getting a Canada Pardon is much easier than a US one and hence for serious crimes it is advisable to follow and go for a Canada waiver by Canada Government.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

great way to decorate your houses

Rugs and carpets are the exqusite things and ways to prepare and doll any of the houses also these are supposed to be the part of the any house which is worth it's looks and has any sort of class. There is a minute difference between rugs and carpets and often confuse one for another, rugs are moslty hand crafted and then rolled with machines to get the patterns elvolved which is very accurate due to the use of machines while the carpets are a total work of hand it self and takes a lot of time and effort.

There are many more classifiactions in rugs itself like mordern art, kashmiri, bulgarain and then there is the whole range of Contemporary Rugs which have been very famous and popualr of late among all over the world due to it's distinguished style and geometric patterns. is a place which allows you take a look and buy such items of style and decoration online itself by the help of it's very user friendly web portal which is hacker safe and has a great list of the best rugs and has it segregated on the basis of style, color, price and as a gift you get a free Area Rugs for orders above $299 for every purcashe you make here.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Casino for money with celebrities


Well ever body needs money and it is the need of quick cash which has pushed many girls into immoral fields of works like bartenders, strip clubs, exotic dancers etc. There are other ways too to make money and without any moral grounds that is by playing on online casinos

Poker is a very popular game in not only U.S but in most parts of the world. Before the arrival of internet, poker used to be played in hotels, bars, coffee shops, trains, buses with the support of cigarettes, drinks and snacks. Now poker has become worldwide phenomena due to large number of poker websites on internet. Since there is big profit in the business of online casino sites, therefore there are large number of poker websites available on internet. Normally the user becomes very confused while searching for reliable online poker websites. For last a few weekends, I have been enjoying online poker. Meanwhile, during googling on internet for poker websites, I found a cool online poker portal covering many topics like online poker website reviews, strategies, advice with the strategies being categorized by the specific poker game like Texas holdem, 7 card stud and Omaha with each game being split between beginner, intermediate and advanced strategies. Interestingly many celebrities too play and prefer these sites.

The site which a great list of most reputed and best rated casino sites all across the globe and countries with all the rating and reviews stated in full details which helps the users in choosing their suited casinos site for them

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