Friday, May 23, 2008

Celebrities Engagemnet Rings


Today celebrities have been millions and are in the league of that of top notch businessmen and forerunners of the countries economy. The main reason for this is that the paycheck for the stars in movies and music industries are the fattest but the investment is nothing of that sort as most of them are just offering their talents with no investment and hence their whole paycheck acts as their profits. Stars like Tom Cruise earn as much as $100 million from a single movie( he took $110 million for the movie The last samurai).

The more money to spend the stars have new ways to get rid off it and showing off is the bes way as it keeps them popular and in news all the times. Many stars are getting into engagement off late Christina Augilera and Scarlett Johansson. The stars are showing it off with expensive engagement rings on all the time.

Many of them are studded with diamonds on platinum work cases,but Scarlett In her pursuit to be much different has gone for natural pacific ocean dugged pearl earrings worth at $200 thousands and heart shaped form. The Natural pearl jewelry are every expensive and the reason for it is that they are been produced after years of oysters hard work and are carved out form deep sea beds unlike mines as in case of diamonds. Though as for now you can get great designer rings too for your wedding at low prices thanks to which offers great deals at affordable prices, check the online store for more information.