Saturday, May 24, 2008


Avril Lavigne will be one of a number of stars auctioning off personal items on eBay in support of the relief effort following the tsunami of December 26.The "Sk8er Girl" will be putting her very own skateboard up for auction. The auction will begin February 7 along with chances to buy another 39 other items from celebrities' collections.Avril Lavinge is single handedly responsible for all the popularity such shows of Skateboard are now a days getting before it was a another back street culture played and done by people who could afford any thing better. Now it is seen as another extreme sport which requires a lot of balance and self control and practice to perfect.

Skateboarding if you look back when it started evolved from surfing so if you are trying to blame the cause of a great discovery on the hippies with Street Wear you are wrong. Skateboarding evolved from surfing and it started and now today the skateboarding industry is booming. People that are in with the sport already will continue to do the sport forever because it will become part of their every day activities and to most people will be their lifestyle. So if you are a person that wants to get started in skateboarding then you need to go buy a skateboard and try it out.Now the game gets same level of exposure as any other games in X- GAMES convention.

Though as the game is getting popular it is getting professional too and hence to ex el one needs to work hard with skates, which not expensive nor cheap but Inexpensive. An inexpensive skateboard is made of higher-quality materials than a cheap skateboard. It will have a deck that is made of high-quality plastic, wood, or composite materials. It will also feature good quality trucks and wheels and anything between $50-$60. As you improve one might need modifications or a new Skate getting the old one fixed is better as they all set and comfortable with your feet. Skateshop are the place where such modifications can be done with cheap bills. The air flow design given by such shops makes you glides through all the lanes, The design must also allow the hover board to produce enough lift,A wing shape with side gates is always incorporated into the designs.


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