Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top 5 sexy eyes Celebrities

Here is the list of Top 10 celebrities singers:

1.) Beyonce: She is a woman with many talents, you might even say she has it all. She sings,dances,acts, designs clothes.

2.)Shakira: She has hips that don't lie, which keep our eyes glued to her body while she is dancing. Though she has 32B Bust line she is considered very sexy.

3.)Christina:Her skimpy outfits and racy videos have been able to keep her in the top of the list for women searched on the internet in the start but latter her deep throat singing talents has landed her a third position.

4.)Mariah Carey:At 37 years of age Mariah has returned to prominence with her latest best selling song Touch my body. Thus making Mariah a hot item again, she also lost weight, recovered from shocks twice and undergone laser surgery of late.

5.)Britney Spears: Much to everybody's surprise Britney Spears is still being sough as she makes it top five with no late release at all, But with 26 million Google searches accredited to her name every month, she cannot be ignored

The fact common to all the above stars is that they all worked hard at some point of time and have been Diva ever since, and yes they have good figure and beautiful eyes , so what if they all didn't have it all in the beginning now with the help of lasik treatment