Monday, April 14, 2008

JLO pregrancy crash fitmess Rigme


Jennifer Lopez has adopted a punishing exercise regime to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

According to a report in Closer magazine, the singer/actress, who gave birth to twins Max and Emme on February 22, is getting up at 4am every day in a determined attempt to lose over 20kg in less than a month or so.Ever since the post delivery days she has been reported to be working out for more 2 hours sets of three every day.

The Wedding Planner, Anaconda, Shall we dance, has lost 18kg, at a rate of 4kg a week, in the past four and half weeks of weight loss program she has been undergoing.

Lopez has hired a team of nutritionists and personal trainers to design a group of well thought set of exercises of Pilates, a one-hour cardio workout followed by an hour of weight training so as to lose 25 kgs she had put on during her pregnancy.
Her nutrition diet has the daily intake of 1,400 calories a day and banned all carbohydrates.

Looking at the pictures and the rate at which JLO is loosing weights I m sure Do it right star will be back in shape in no time.