Thursday, September 11, 2008

Music getting Glamour, Style and Fashion on Radio FM, Sexy DJ , RJ

The Music industry has outgrowing it self everyday from movies to songs and now local radio with AM and FM has become the way of music and part of every person.The many of the them have now generated a lot of fan following and most them have got this type of genre following due to not because of music channels and Cd's but radio which are free and play 24X7 unlike CD which priced high and one has to keep on buying and stock piling them to hear the latest hit tracks , but with radio all what one need is transistor. This is main reasons for the news great success of free type of local radio stations

There are many varied genre of music these days and all of them have grown and build up these radio channels itself as they give time and platform for the young bands and play genre specific music all time and listener requests too maybe rock, punk, metal, pop, blues, country, jazz, raggea , gothic, alternative or anything else. Infact radio have become a part of life and most places like canteen, buses, supermarket, downtown , college etc people are always jammed to the radio to get the fresh great music along with a freindly RJ to who has great humor and plays good music. To improve popularity now radio stations now bring in famous and young talented DJ to perform for the radio on weekends as they are a complete crowd puller , and people can enjoy original, exclusive DJ music right in their home free of any costs or subscription without having to line up in a disco or lounge. Many such DJ have become famoous for their weekly show on radio itself, The DJ Colleen Shannon is currently world Sexiest DJ also does Radio shows. She has the looks of a star and plays Dj console like a God and her Polk iSonic ES2 on Radio shows have made her as famous as movie stars.

These Radio channels are unline or Itunes where one has to buy or pay to listen to songs on Ipod or computer, one can use the internet radio to hear the latest number from the RJ all free by using these free internet radio sites or by iPod Tagging , one can listen to these Radio channels AM or FM on iPOD Itself.


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