Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Best of Bikni Thongs Collection

Bikini and Thongs are meant to show off the best of bodies a women can posses, a women in Bikini is the utlimate Racy sense of beauty and physical perfect bosy structure that can ever be said about women. Only the best and only the perfect ones can wear and carry off a Bikini, more so a

Bikni Thongs

Bikni is the Acid test to the beauty and body of a women, The one who passes are Supreme godess of beauty. The Thongs are a special kind of Bikini in which worn by both men and women where a thin piecie of cloth is as underwear or swimwear between Ass cheeks, Thongs come in various materials of different thickness, material, or type of this rear portion of fabric used. They are popualry also known as "TANGA". It also known as G string Sometimes, as it supposedly cover the G spots .