Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Joanna "jojo" Levesque TCA 2008 HQ scans of High Cleavage show

Joanna "jojo" Levesque has been one the biggest find of the child artist in hollywood ever since the days of Hillary duff, but show how Jojo is very cool about in the beginning and though od taking htings slowing and worked on many artist like Bow-wow to start with and then Cut a great album High Road back in 2006 with real good number like "Too late too little", "letter to god", " high road" and many more. Though unfortunately of luckily no ones cares for talent anymore only exposure and falshing news can get you high TRP as Hannah Montana star, miley does with her "LEAKED" pictures of stripping, and making out with her minor boy friend. So Somwhow JOJO is left behind.

Infact Jojo was offered the role of Hannah Montana, but she refused and is still glad that she did, Jojo is still a minor but her red carpet entry at TCA 08(teen choice award 2008) made headlines every where and the everyone noticed and beautyful developed bodya nd nice rack and cleavage JOJO had put on display in her pink dress to get some attention back to her self...good job done.


Anonymous said...

Jojo Should do Playboy and sexy movies.She would look great nude. What a chest and figure she has.