Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fashion trends for 2010 prom dress

Fashion is the integral part of life for most individuals now its not just something we like doing but a lot more than that. Women feel more confident and much more secure when they are in fashionable clothes and accessories . The most fashion addicts are either in high class who have a whole lot of money to spare and the teenagers who want to live life the free spirited way. Teenagers can be seen following the latest fashion trends at all time be it school, causal outings with friends or hanging out in home, even the PJ shud be cool !!!!!!!!!!!.

Though the highlight of any teenager or college student in terms of fashion is the prom night where they and their date dress up and spend the whole day in lavish limos and champagne dancing and spending memorable times with each other. The prom dresses area rage and many of them spend over $1000 over the single day affair. Being such a gala event being in latest fashion is a must. Here are some tips for prom night dress for 2010.

The sexy thing is in and one should try that as last year has seen a lot of many figures rising , like Megan fox, Lady gaga and Katy perry. The sweet and sexy image is the in thing . I would suggest if have it do flaunt it after all prom happen once in a year. The short prom dresses are the trend to go with keep short , simple and sexy like the dresses shown below.

In case you are on the heavier side and have a few extra pounds and cannot do with low cut and midriff or backless dresses I suggest you don't overdo it and keep it simple and traditional . They look graceful and have their own elegance. These traditional prom dresses are much like wedding dresses but not that expensive at all.