Friday, February 1, 2008

Lindsay Lohan in Harper Bazaar's Cover shoot


Harper's bazaar is very famous Fashion magazine which has been in circulation from 19th century from paris now it has acquired by U.S gaints and provides the best fashion updates form Holloywoods and all over Europe inculding the fashion Hubs of Paris and Milan. HARPER'S BAZAR, is now an American weekly women's fashion magazine , earlier it was under the name of Harper's Weekly. Harper’s Bazar is intended for the women of the middle and upper socio-economic classes people.

The focus of Harper's Bazar was on "....the useful with the beautiful, and aiming to include every thing that will be interesting to the family circle.... Being intended largely for ladies, In 1901, Harper's Bazar became a monthly, and in 1929 its title was changed to Harper's Bazaar, a magazine in publication today.

Time and again they have feature the greatest starlets with their secrets tips, fashion guides and interviews and alongside very beautifully taken exclusive photographs of celebrities. This time Harper's Bazaar has been casting Lindsay Lohan for this cast and taking her for cover shoot as well as an interview.

make sure you grab the copy for interview I shall be giving the pictures to you here.