Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sujtha new HOTTIE of south india


Todays is 26 January and it is the republic day of India so today I have become a little patriotic and shall be dealing with some of the hottie from india itself. India has many smoking babes which I myself think can give the international models a run for their money.

Apart form Bollywood India has a very high budget and money oreinted movie industry based in south India in all the four languages that are popular there. Although the hero and fight sequences are very funny
( Disclaimer: These are my personal views and I dont mean to hurt the feelings of any Rajnikant fans)

The song sequences are truly great and photograhpy is amazing too, but the best of all are the actress, they are truly a treat to watch. great eye candy if dont belive me look for TRISHA, SRIYA SARAN, CHARMEE, GENELIA they all are great starlets with awesome beauty.

I today found another smoking babe Sujatha she from Cochin and has been modelling till now, she will be doing her debut with Deepkumar in a action flick, take a look at her.