Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bikni Model beocmes MTV VJ!!!!!


It’s no secret that MTV’s hit countdown “TRL” has been the launch pad for many careers. Though before time most VJ were picked by shows and nation wide hunts now tehy are picked from ramp, and reality shows as these faces are alreday familiar with the youth, like Ranvijay a EX roadie,, Bani a Ex roadie, Shruti seth a tv actress, VJ Mia a model a singing Hottie. BUt the model like Pia and Anusha are the one who ahve made the place go off the block as they have a great body and looks are the host of the most popular shows too. Anusha was a Bikni model before she became a VJ and now even has a movie under her belt against Jhon Abraham.