Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shoot'em up Monica Belluci Hot action

Well let me tell you why I'm writing this post it all because of Monica bellucii as i saw her movie a week back "shoot'em up".The flick is fully action packed and gave me such an adernaline pumping that I thought myslef to go with my Dad for duck hunting. The only problem being that I didnt had a gun. I asked my uncle to lend me one as my father is very particular with his guns which is double barrel 1872 derbyshire product.

Having a gun in my hand gave me gitthers at the start but slowly I learned to control and recoil and could aim with fairly good accuracy. As one week past the gun had started giving a rude jerk and the trigger too had now become very stuburon. I realised that the gun has to be maintained well to use. I then did the genral pooshing nad greasing of the gun. The biggest problem for me was though is buying liv cartigdes as it requires a lot of official paper work. I consulted my uncle for help

My unlce advised thatnot to go for live rounds as they are expensive, dangerous and also a bif liability as a lot security is needed for it. Instead he introduced me to paint ball guns ammo which are easier to use, handle and they are easily available over the internet for reasonable prices. I purchased paintball guns for myself from internet itself and all it took me was about 5 minutes and genral description form to be filled. The item was delivered to me within two days.