Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Alas i thought that this girl from HEROES (claire) had brians in her head but she again proved me wrong like all other girls do, as soon as truned 18 her true colors have started to show firstly the desire to BUY PORN.........
Then followed the BIKNI and UPSKIRTs and finally she has proved to be the next generation PARIS HILTON, BRITNEY SPEARS, LINDSAY LOHAN.
She has been spotted partying late night DRUNK in TRANSPARENT ONE PIECE DRESS which till noe adored the bodies of PARIS and Lindsay.
I'm dissapointed although she is cute piece of meat for my eyes.....ONE MORE GIRL GOES ASH TRAY:(
here is a prove more shall be posted here just stay in touch to see this making of slut

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nohorn said...

humm she really smokin hot ...makes really $%@#@% u no wat:)